Mike Rashid

The mind activates the body to manipulate matter. We use that matter to manipulate and alter our physical well being. Good health from training the body yields confidence, which yields happiness, which gives us the ability to manage stress and use it to our advantage. All of these actions produce a happier, more pleasant person... You owe it to yourself to be happy, and at peace, and to spread that happiness and peace to those around you. I can help guide you on that journey... I’ll be your Shaman... I’ll help you alter your consciousness and tap into that God Frequency within you by means of suffering... Suffering by putting yourself through a certain type of stress in the gym that will build your body, and also your mind to do things you probably didn’t think you can!!! All that you need, you already have... I’m only here to show you how to access it!

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Are you ready to start transforming every area of your life?! This is your one stop for workouts, training programs, supplements, dietary supplements. Everything you need for a new healthy lifestyle is found right here. Are you ready?

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FOOD of the Gods

Ambrosia was formed to take the human body to the next level using real science and independently researched ingredients. This is not your normal supplementation, but an approach to unlocking the most out of your potential.

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Alpha Shred

Join a 30 day fitness challenge to transform your body with custom nutrition plan tailored to your body, custom workouts and a community of people all striving to improve. Oh, did I mention the winner gets a $12,000 cash prize?!

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